Bavarian Bistro

Bavarian Bistro Pre-Launch Update

On Saturday, June 13th, we conducted a trial run with our Bavarian Bistro trailer. It took several hours to connect everything and to put all our equipment and supplies in place. Thank God it all worked like a charm.

So we served bratwurst, sauerkraut, and schnitzel sandwiches to a few friends we’d called up on a short notice. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We think we are on the right path! So far, so good.

Bummer is, the trailer needs to go back to the graphics place for a couple days. If everything goes well there, we might be able to start our first lunch run on Wednesday, June 16.

Come Tuesday, I will announce the final decision here and on Twitter. Please keep an eye on this blog, or, better, subscribe to it and get the news delivered to your email inbox.

O.k., our location. Let me put it this way: 99.99% we will open up shop at 3505 N. IH-35, on the East access road between 32nd and 38th 1/2 Street, at the corner of Concordia Ave.

We’ve experienced so many unexpected bumps in our road to Schnitzel Heaven, I’m hesitant to make a final announcement until we’re actually open and running. But if you don’t hear otherwise from me between now and Tuesday, that’s where we’re going to be.

This is what you can expect:

Sounds good?

Good. You won’t have to wait for much longer! (Thanks for your patience!) 🙂

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