A perfect burger is hard to find. It’s usually eaten before you can look. Enter our Austin food trailer Max Parfait

I discovered Chef Zarghun’s big shiny food truck last Saturday during my weekly stroll through the Barton Creek Mall Farmers Market. It smelled so darn good in the vicinity of Max Parfait — he cooks on a wood-fired grill! — I felt hungry again, 30 minutes after having had a nice big breakfast.

As a fellow Austin food “trucker”, I introduced myself to the Chef and his lovely assistant, Eddy (I probably misspell her name here). They offered me a sample of their famous Belgian fries. My, are those good! I’ve never had Belgian fries before, and I probably will never have any other fries again in the future. I’ll ask about the recipe, next time, but I don’t really care. I just want them to make ’em…and I’ll eat ’em. It’s a win/win situation because I don’t have to clean the fryolator.

But what about that perfect burger?, you ask…

As it turned out, Max Parfait encourages you to “bring your hungry” for this:


Perfect Burger $5
Handcrafted patty made with 100% all-natural beef cooked on a wood-fired grill and served on a homemade bun…add Cheddar Cheese ($1) Grilled onions & grilled jalapenos (each 50 cents)

Portobello Sandwich $5
Sauteed portabella mushroom served with sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese on a homemade bun

Pulled Chicken Sandwich $5 (COMING SOON!)
All-natural, grilled chicken covered in our homemade BBQ sauce and served with jalapenos and onions on a homemade bun

Sandwich Fixings
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise

Belgian Fries $3 / $2 (side)
Fresh, hand-cut potatoes that are crispy on the outside and moist & airy on the inside

Homemade chocolate chip cookies $1.25

Drinks $1 – 2
Richard’s Rainwater, Topo-Chico Mineral Water, Blue Sky Cola


Can we talk about this perfect burger now, please? OK, then…

So I ordered two perfect burgers and a truckload of Belgian fries to go. (My wife is a burger fan/critic.) I’m thinking, this is great! I’ll sit down in front of the Fox Soccer Channel and have a taste of Max Parfait’s burger. (I always watch soccer while I’m eating. I’ve read it helps your metabolism, or something.) Then I’ll take a good picture of the whole thing and jot down some notes for this blog post. Perfect! (Wrong!)

The first bite filled me with a surprise wave of soothing emotions. I felt instant pride over my perfect food purchase combined with a sense of comfortable security in my upcoming 15 minutes of bliss.

I’ll tell you what really did it for me: the meat juices! Amidst a bold flavor combo of grilled onions, spices, seasonings, and the sandwich fixings…I could still distinguish and savor the pure taste of meat juice you normally only find in a perfectly-cooked steak.

What this means to me is that there are three major factors at play:

  • 1. Max Parfait sources the best beef money can buy
  • 2. Chef Zerghun knows how to season a burger right
  • 3. Chef Zerghun knows how to cook a burger to perfection

So, I started eating this burger and I couldn’t stop. (My wife had finished hers before I was done.)

So, in terms of a picture of my perfect burger from Max Parfait…this is the best I can do for today. Sorry, guys.

A Perfect Burger

Look, how nice! Chef Zerghun brought his beautiful family to the Bavarian Bistro for a quick lunch broiling under the merciless Austin Downtown sun:

A Perfect Burger - Max Parfait