1. Is Wiener Schnitzel a hot dog?

No. In 1961, the first store of the future American fast-food franchise adopted the name “Der Wienerschnitzel” (correct German article: Das Wienerschnitzel), although they never served the real thing. Ever since, people have been confused about the true nature of this traditional Austrian specialty.

2. So, what exactly is it?

According to the traditional Viennese (Wiener) recipe, a cutlet (schnitzel) of lean veal is pounded thin, dipped in seasoned flour, egg wash and bread crumbs, and then fried in hot oil until golden brown. This is how it is famously prepared in most Austrian, German, and theme-related international restaurants around the world.

However, veal is expensive! So what we often see are ridiculously thin monster frisbees that taste more like bread than a juicy slab of meat. My Viennese mother taught me early on to use pork – preferably loin or tenderloin slices. Meanwhile, many worldwide restaurants have adopted this version as well. It’s juicier, more flavorful, and more economical for consumers and restaurateurs alike.

At the Bavarian Bistro, we use the best quality boneless pork loin for our schnitzels!

3. What is a Jaeger Schnitzel?

A Jaeger (Hunter) Schnitzel is an un-breaded and sauteed cutlet served with a brown mushroom sauce (Jaeger Sauce). Americans are more used to a breaded “Jaeger Schnitzel”, so we serve it that way at our Austin food trailer. It’s very good eating, too. Thanks, America!

4. Why use panko for the schnitzel breading?

It’s all about the crunch, baby! Panko is Japanese bread crumbs made from white bread without a crust. They are larger than regular bread crumbs, and mixed with ground almonds and other semi-secret ingredients they provide the amazingly flavorful crunch experience of the Bavarian Bistro’s Wiener Schnitzel. Pictures? Sure…

Here’s how one customer ordered it today: a little sauerkraut and red cabbage on the bun, and then the schnitzel topped with our sweet & spicy Bavarian Bistro mustard and a bit of curry ketchup.

Sauerkraut and red cabbage at the Bavarian Bistro

Wiener Schnitzel in Austin, TX

Schnitzel Wagon

Please let me know in the comment box if you have any other questions about Wiener Schnitzel or Jaeger Schnitzel. I’ll be more than happy to answer them here or in future blog posts.