Bavarian Bistro Menu

For now, we have a flexible Bavarian Bistro menu. Although our mission is to introduce y’all to a large variety of German and Bavarian specialties, we’ll have to do this gradually due to our somewhat limited cooking space at the trailer.

Bavarian Bistro Menu

The A-frame on the sidewalk shows our planned list of foods; the blackboard features our daily menu.

Bavarian Bistro Menu

We will serve veal bratwurst, pork bratwurst, and knockwurst on a daily basis. Our regular sides include Chef Keem’s Bohemian sauerkraut, red cabbage with green apples and onions, sweet and spicy mustard and curry ketchup, all on a freshly-baked bolillo.

Thursdays and Fridays we bring on the schnitzels! Your feedback on these fabulous hunger busters has been fantastic, so far. We consider adding Wiener Schnitzel to our daily menu. Stay tuned for an announcement, possibly very soon…

Bavarian sausage sandwiches are still only $5; the schnitzels cost a little more – $6.

After the summer, we plan on cooking up this super-tasty Bavarian sausage loaf called Leberkaese. And then we’ll also serve more of our German burger, a slice of beef/pork meatloaf browned on the griddle.

And who knows, you might ask us for rouladen or other German recipes, and we might be able to make these for you as well. It all depends on the development of our cute little trailer biz. We’re definitely excited about all the possibilities, and we know that Austinites are an adventurous and sophisticated foodie crowd.

As always, stay tuned to this blog for all the news about our Bavarian Bistro menu. And thank you for your patronage!

Your Chef Keem

Bavarian Bistro Menu

Wiener Schnitzel Austin, TX