So nice. So kind. The first yelp reviews of our Bavarian Bistro are in.

We truly appreciate the thoughtfulness and sophistication of our first reviewers. Thank you, ladies, for your kind words.

I knew that Austin foodies do better than just stuffing their mouths with whatever is hot and handy. You guys understand concepts such as authenticity, originality, and the love that goes into recipe refinement. You rock!

Here are excerpts from our first three yelp reviews:

“Oops I did it again. I had a juicy, thick, delicious, savory sausage. A Bratwurst. I always vowed to myself to never go back. Once in Seattle. Once in Portland. And now here in Austin.

It was a group orgasm I must admit. A friend ordered it. Another friend tried it. Then it happened. I went third. I swallowed a huge bite. Geez, it was good.” –Amy Joe M.

“For the Grandparents I ordered their beloved Schnitzels Pork and Chicken. Chef Keem uses a Panko ground almond spiced breading that makes a PERFECT breading for spicy crunchy Schnitzels and topped with a delicious brown mushroom Jaeger Sauce.

5 stars to Chef Keem for bringing his native food to Austin!!!!!” –Tara M.

“It might be my German ancestry, but I’m a big fan of Bavarian fare. Bratwurst, schnitzel, etc – it’s all just good. I even like sauerkraut, which scares some people away I think. Thus, I appreciate the attention that Chef Keem has paid to preserving authenticity in his menu rather than Americanizing it for the masses.” –Hadley H.

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Thank you so much!

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