Our Bavarian Bistro project has been affected by a few set-backs. These are minor issues that can (and will) be worked out. However, our opening plans have been delayed again. Now we’re looking at some time during the the first half of June…

  • A family emergency called one BB partner away for a couple of weeks
  • The manager in charge of our planned location quit his job
  • Our specialty bread supply deal fell through
  • Distributors, contractors, officials, etc. dragging their feet

But you know what?

We believe that even better situations will arise from these bumps in our road. We’re an optimistic bunch!

  • We’ve already found a new bread product that we love even more than our previous choice
  • A couple of very interesting alternate locations came to our attention
  • We’ve secured a commissary kitchen and the first test recipes had everyone swooning!

So, thanks for being patient with us. We’re very close to feeding you!

Love and Pretzels,

Chef Keem & The BB Crew

Chef Keem's Bavarian Bistro