Bavarian Bistro

Bavarian Bistro Reaching For The Stars Over Austonian

After weeks of searching for a permanent location, it looks like we’ve finally found a home for our Bavarian Bistro. And we are literally reaching for the stars…

No, this is not the Bavarian Bistro…this is the Austonian! But our cute little “Schnitzel Wagon” fits perfectly into a corner of the parking lot on the northern side of this impressive building. That’s where we plan to be from next week on. Right on Congress Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Street. Not bad, eh?

So, if you stand in front of the Bistro and look to the right, while ordering your veal bratwurst or schnitzel sandwich with sauerkraut, this is what you see:

And when you are eating your Bavarian Bistro Schnitzel Sandwich, this is what other people see:

Please bear with us for a few more days. The dream of getting this prime location has just now become a reality for us. We need to adjust a few technical things before we can start. We’re shooting for July 13th or 14th.

Meanwhile, here’s a pic of our trailer at the Austin Studios party a couple weeks ago…

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