Bratwurst can be made from beef, pork, chicken, and a number of I-don’t-wanna-know ingredients. Veal bratwurst, however, is in a class by itself. It takes a true master sausage maker to produce a quality wurst made from veal.

In our efforts to source the best wurst for our Bavarian Bistro, we’ve discovered a true gem! I cooked one at home and took a picture for you. And then I ate the whole thing with just a little mustard. The taste of this veal bratwurst is so good, I didn’t really want to cover it up with any kraut, or something. God, this is a good one! I think we’ll serve it at our authentic German food trailer, right from the start.

Listen, guys – we’ll have a few more things to take care of. But we’re still optimistic about opening around May 15th. Please stay tuned to our blog, ok?

Veal Bratwurst | Bavarian Bistro