Bratwurst is made in many different varieties: mild, spicy, beer brats, etc. – but our favorite, most flavorful kind is called Nuernberger Bratwurst, or Nuernberger Rostbratwurst.

“Nuernbergers” are made with lean pork and beef and have a very robust flavor. They are a bit thinner than regular brats, which means there’s a higher percentage of caramelized skin in every bite. Combined with more herbs and seasonings in the filling, this creates a juicy flavor explosion in your mouth. Nuernberger Bratwurst is usually served in pairs and tastes great with a piece of hearty bread alone.


Outside of Bavaria, people usually associate with the thicker (and fattier) links stuffed with ground pork when they think about brats. These are milder in flavor and taste best when eaten together with a mouthful of authentic German sauerkraut or red cabbage.