Bavarian food in Alaska? Absolutely. Most of our guest were from Texas, anyway.

From 1998-2007, I had the privilege to cook for the Tsiu River Driftwood Lodge in SE Alaska, during the annual silver salmon runs from August through October. My pork roast, schnitzel, bratwurst and, of course, salmon dishes were appreciated by hungry fishermen from across the US and abroad.

The Driftwood Lodge is located near the banks of the Tsiu River, which is famous for the sheer quantity and size of the fish. The next city is Cordova, 85 miles to the west. By plane only. No roads, no boats.
Any evening entertainment needs to be created right there at the lodge – by the guests themselves, or by the staff: Like me, the chef, working on his ham reputation.

Here is a clip from a dinner menu announcement by “Chef Moosehitler”