The origin of yodeling (click on the link and listen to yodeling music!) – a subject of centuries-long international research efforts and passionate arguments among musicologist and regular beer drinkers alike.

  • How did yodeling begin?
  • Who was the first yodeler?
  • Which is the country of origin for the first meaningful yodel?
  • What is the history of this musical art form?

These and many other underlying questions will be answered by today’s blog post.

As a native Bavarian born to an Austrian mother, Chef Keem has been on the forefront of yodel research for most of his life. Naturally, so to speak. Although not a yodeler himself, his tireless digging for “the truth” has revealed astonishing results. (Look at his face and you can clearly see just how tired he is!)

Quite frankly, you’re in for a treat!

For the ultimate inside scoop on the history of yodeling, watch this video by Chef Keem telling you exactly how it all began…